Tabletop Games


Cover: Paranoia Project Infinite Hole

PARANOIA: Project Infinite Hole

  • Mongoose Publishing
  • Released: April 2021
  • Contribution: Several Item Catalog items, a handful of NPCs and background info
  • Portfolio Page
Cover: Paranoia Extinction Class Incident Responses

PARANOIA: Extinction Class Incident Responses

  • Mongoose Publishing
  • Released April 2021
  • Contribution: Four mini-missions
  • Portfolio Page

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition

Cover: 101 Bows and Ammo

101 Bows and Ammo

  • RealmWarp Media
  • Released: April 2021
  • Contribution: 25 magical items
  • Portfolio Page

The Tower Guestbook

  • DMsGuild Collaboration
  • Released November 2021
  • Contribution: Necromancy spells and character profile
  • Portfolio Page

Video Games

Victory Belles

  • Black Chicken Studios
  • Closed Beta: September 2021
  • Contribution: Visual novel-style stories for four Belles including friendship/romance branches
  • Portfolio Page

Personal Work

Introduction to the Ommundus Multiverse: Imagine a world that spans many worlds, variously co-existing with each other, with no two worlds quite the same. It’s a canvas for many stories from the fantastic to the futuristic and often both at once.

Tea for Well-Being: A comic script I wrote as part of Gail Simone’s Twitter-hosted Comics School

Tonight the Stars Revolt: Notes on an EVE Online Scandal – An opinion piece I wrote in 2011 about a player protest in the game Eve Online. Featured by the editors on