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I've done websites for hire and I am interested in continuing to do them. I have experience with both Drupal and Wordpress and I'm willing to work with other creatives on getting the most they can out of a modest budget. If this sparks your interest, feel free to contact me. (April-May 2019)

I met Marian Crane through the Absolute Write forums. Marian had an existing Wordpress blog where she also tried to wrangle links to her books (written) and books (handmade art books which have been featured in notable galleries and shows). She also had a static HTML site that a well-meaning friend with one "how to build a website" course under their belt had tried to take on. Priority one was getting the mess wrangled into one well-organized, mobile-friendly, clean-looking site. The budget didn't extend to extensive design work; I took the Themelia theme as a flexible base and built on it with color, font and some template magic that took advantage of Gutenberg and BlockLab that would let Marian generate product pages for her published books by filling in form fields. I left her with a set of illustrated instructions so that she could better take on management of the site for herself going forward; my goal is that even a client who is not strong with tech will be able to take charge of their own content rather than be indefinitely dependent on the site builder.