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  • From: Mongoose Publishing
  • Project Page: Coming soon
  • Role: Contributing Writer
  • Timeframe: June-August and November-December 2019

PARANOIA is a tabletop RPG set in a future dystopian society ruled by the benevolent, well meaning, paranoid and frankly insane Friend Computer. It is a darkly comedic game that fosters crazy hi-jinks and creative backstabbing as players must contend with the impossible logic of Alpha Complex, the Computer and each other's secrets, as Troubleshooters in the fight against omnipresent treason. Paranoia was originally designed by Greg Costikyan, Dan Gelber and Eric Goldberg in 1984 and published through the now-defunct West End Games; it was revived with Mongoose Publishing in 2004 as PARANOIA XP and received periodic new editions since.

What is Project Infinite Hole?

Project Infinite Hole is a supplement to the 2017 reboot of Paranoia focusing on Research and Development, Alpha Complex's department of ingenious solutions, problems, solutions to those problems, solutions to the problems those solutions caused, and experimental gear for Troubleshooter teams which they have been gladly volunteered to test. The expansion contains an R&D item catalog, a GM guide to R&D and a set of missions focused on the titular project, which absolutely does not concern the treasonous rumor that a black hole is slowly eating the sector.

WJ MacGuffin, a writer from the 2004 edition of Paranoia, led an open call for new writers and directed the project with assistance and editorial from Gareth Hanrahn (formerly of Mongoose, who worked on the 2004 and 2009 editions, now with Pelgrane Press). Paranoia being one of my early tabletop loves (I have a minor contribution credit for a mission generation table in the GM Screen for Paranoia XP), I applied, was accepted and joined the fray.

As of this writing, Project Infinite Hole was scheduled to release on Kickstarter in March 2020 but was put on hold because of the economic uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

What did I contribute?

Five items for the main catalog, 25 cards (20 items, 5 actions) for the stretch goal expansion, four NPCs and a section of the GM Guide.

More work for me on Paranoia is expected in the future, once the world lets up on being quite so crazy.